Pre-Rehab and Post-Rehab Training in Connecticut

Post-Rehab and Pre-Rehab Training

Post-Rehab for Seniors

The after-effects of an injury or surgery can be painful, debilitating and depressing.  We can help get you past these discomforts by preparing in advance for successful outcomes.  The approach at Quiet Korner Health and Wellness of Eastern Connecticut is to maintain strength and flexibility using various muscle groups prior to and after surgery and physical therapy. We believe that working together with your physician and physical therapist increases your success for a positive recovery.  

Our ACE certified personal trainers use a holistic approach, combining gentle tehniques through flexibility, stabilization, isometrics and functional movements. It is not unusual for us to integrate Tai Chi Qi Gong exercises in our programming and they have proven to be effective.  

Most often after procedures and after physical therapy people do not follow through and end up stiff and sore again in a short period of time. It is important to make a lifetime commitment and move onward to ultimate fitness after corrective procedures.

We also specialize in pre-rehab training and work before surgery.

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Based in Pomfret. Serving Windham County, Connecticut and the surrounding area including but not limited to Windham, Killingly, Plainfield, Danielson, Putnam, Pomfret, Stafford, Thompson, Brooklyn, Woodstock, Canterbury and Mansfield.

Pre & Post Rehab Testimonials

2014-03-17, 00:25
Jane and Joan are absolutely correct about Jeff. After hip replacement surgery at the end of September and routine physical therapy, I began working ...
Joan Collins
2013-08-13, 14:07
In July of 2013 I had a total hip replacement preformed by Dr. Joyce. From there I went on to work in unison with my Physical Therapist and my Persona...
2012-07-31, 22:45
After having a total knee replacement, I progressed well in rehab but once that ended, I regressed. Once I started working with Jeff as my personal tr...