Health & Wellness Specialists

Quiet Korner Health and Wellness LLC is located in northeastern CT, known as “The Quiet Corner.” Established in 2009, the company was formed to share healthy alternatives with individuals who are willing to make a lifelong commitment to their health and well being, through proper nutrition, exercise, and mind body balance.

• ACE certified personal trainer
• ACE certified exercise specialist
• ACE certified senior exercise specialist
• American Heart Association CPR and AED certified
• Specializing in Pre and Post-Rehab training


A few good words from clients

When I began training with Jeff I knew it would be good for me, but I didn’t know that it would change my life. From the first session, Jeff worked with me on everything from weight loss goals to cardio to weight training to posture. Since we started, I have lost over 30 pounds. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good. My weight loss success is all due to Jeff who continues to encourage and inspire me today. I would recommend Jeff to anyone who wants to improve their health and quality of their life. Thank you Jeff.


After having a total knee replacement, I progressed well in rehab but once that ended, I regressed. Once I started working with Jeff as my personal trainer, he made an individualized program for me with the goals of improving my balance, flexibility and strength. I would never have made so much progress on my own. I recommend Jeff very highly for anyone looking for a personal trainer after surgery or for specialized issues. Jeff is structured, yet flexible. His enthusiasm is inspiring.


I had to be CPR certified for work, I took a class with Kim and I was amazed how well she delivered the information. I feel more confident if I had to react to an emergency. The class was very well taught, hands on and Kim was terrific. All classes should be this interesting.


Jeff Boccaccio is a great trainer for me. I’ve been working with him for about three years. I came to Jeff with a very restricting permanent back problem. He has had to invent ways to work around my back issue while at the same time providing weight-bearing exercises to
strengthen my core and upper and lower body. He understands body mechanics extremely well, and he keeps current on what is going on in the field so that he can apply his knowledge to each client’s needs. Plus, he’s a very genial fellow and makes the sessions fly by. I recommend him highly.

Donna K.

Jeff was recommended as a personal trainer by an area fitness center owner. I have been training with Jeff since June 2012. Jeff’s knowledge of health and fitness is broad based and deep. He employs his expertise to create individually tailored training sessions designed to improve and optimize strength, flexibility, balance, and overall fitness. Successive sessions build on preceding ones to maximize effects, progress, and gains. Based on my experience over these years, I heartily recommend him as a personal trainer.

Francis O.

I am happy to recommend Jeff for personal training and have been working with him for six years. With his expertise and skill set he continues to provide an individualized program to help me build strength, flexibility, balance, and good posture. As needs arise he also works with me to address them. With Jeff’s encouragement and “coaching” I have been motivated and appreciate the importance of continuing my training with him to maintain the progress we’ve made. I feel that I am stronger, more aware of body mechanics, and therefore I’m performing every day activities with ease and more stamina.

Linda B.